...allow you to investigate several hypotheses directly related to the business requirements. Sample data are used to perform "root-cause" analysis, and suggest modeling approaches for more Advanced Predictive Analytics.


... are statistical techniques that can find patterns, relationships and anomalies in vast amounts of data. These patterns can be used to predict future outcomes such as security threats, fraud, risk, and growth opportunities.


Analytics shouldn't cover just the technology. Analytics must include people, processes and the entire organizational landscape to rethink the status quo. We help empower front-line workers so they can help the organization make superior decisions.

The Team

We're a Team of Statisticians, Data Scientists and Software Developers.
Our Services include Analytics, Visualization, Management and Evaluation...

with a few other secret talents for good measure!


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in 2014

Founded in 2000, BaseMetrics has grown from a boutique Management Consulting company to a full service Predictive Analytics and Software Development enterprise.

We rely heavily on a global team of professionals to get the job done. With staff in Canada, US, Mexico & India we are able to provide a on-site, virtual and low cost solution for pretty much any problem involving data collection, analysis and reporting.

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