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The BaseMetrics Team brings a wide range of skills and experience to every project. We are data scientists specializing in statistics, software development, data visualization and sports management. Together with our corporate and academic partners, we have years of experience delivering analytics solutions in several industries.

Our application of predictive analytics using social media data from Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Wordpress, Reddit and Google+, allows us to go beyond simple online mentions. Using predictive analytics we are able to accurately identify a wide range of organizational event management issues such as security threats, volunteer management and fan engagement.

Using statistical techniques we analyze millions of social media posts to extract meaning from data. Results are used by teams, event organizers and managers to make better decisions.


  • Oracle
    Dr. Borle (Rice University)
  • Sony
    Dr. Davis (U. Tennessee)
  • SanDisk
    Dr. Rice (US Sports Academy)

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2017 Projects

With our academic partners, 2017 will be an exciting year when we apply advanced predictive analytics to a wide variety of sport events in the U.S. and Europe.

News Item 01

2017 Super Bowl

This year Super Bowl is in Houston and we'll be there. For weeks we have been gathering data about the volunteer experience. We'll continue to collect data during and after the game and present our findings to Dr. Davis, University Tennessee Martin.

News Item 02

Spring Training

We'll use social media data during the Cardinals and Marlins spring training baseball games to measure the fan experience during the games. Results will be presented to the organizers, published in journals and presented at conferences.

News Item 03

Basketball Ireland

Event security is always a fine balance between fan safety and fan enjoyment. We will gather and analyze social media data leading up to the Women's Under 18 basketball tournament in Dublin Ireland to identify where security affects the fan experience. Results will be presented to a variety of stakeholders.


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