We are a boutique Value Add Analytics company.
Our services are based on all things data.


We specialize in predictive analytics & visualization.


We use analytics to evaluate program effectiveness.

Software Dev.

We build data collection and analysis tools.


We offer agile analytics project management solutions.


We have 25 years experience working in 4 countries.

Our Philosophy

Analytics you can understand and use.

Our History

Over 300 project, 25 years experience, and many languages.

Our Work

We are data scientists. We work where data and people meet.

Our Team

Statisticians, designers, programmers and managers.

Our Customers

Swimming in data without lifeguards.

Our Passion

Using Data for Social Good.


Three recent projects we're very proud of.

  • Data Visualization Software

    Our team in Mexico is currently building data visualization software solutions for the Analytics market in North and South America and Asia.

    Our Visualization solutions go beyond simple Business Intelligence by interacting directly with major Analytics software like SPSS, SAS and R.

    As a result, our Visualization solutions provide real-time narratives of advanced statistical findings, hypothesis testing, and support.

    We don't Just Simply... We Clarify.

  • Rural Physician Recruitment

    Rural Physician Recruitment is a challenge in many parts of America. An aging population along with a demographic shift to Urban Centers have governments introducing new programs to attract doctors to rural communities.

    Our job is to evaluate the effectiveness of such programs. Using a wealth of data, we are able to identify factors that lead to program success. Our findings will be used to fine-tune regional physician recruitment strategies.

    21% of the U.S. population lives in rural areas while only 9% of doctors practice there.

  • Data Science Degree Program

    We have been doing Data Science for over 20 years. Today, we work closely with Colleges and Universities to share our experience and develop Data Science Degree programs that will produce a new generation of analytic talent.

    It took a publication in the Harvard Business Review to tell the world what we already knew... Working With Data is Sexy! Currently the worldwide demand for data talent outpaces the supply by a factor of 5 to 1.

    If you don't know how to ask the right question, you discover nothing. - W. Edwards Deming


We work in 4 countries, in 5 cities, 24/7 to serve our clients.


Consultants in Canada | US | Mexico | India

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